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Planning Permission and pre-planning application consultation

Planning permission:

Planning Permission is usually a requirement when the use of a building or land is changed, when a building is erected or other construction or engineering work undertaken and when existing buildings are altered.

Submitting a planning application is far more detailed than simply completing and submitting a planning application form.
Let us help you secure the planning permission you need. Our first step is to devise an appropriate strategy which is tailored to a client’s requirements. Once a strategy for your planning application has been decided, the next step is preparing the necessary Supporting Documentation which may include:

  • a Design & Access Statement
  • existing and proposed Scaled drawings.
  • for certain proposals - a planning statement providing more detailed justification for your proposal and other specialist reports where necessary.

If appropriate, we will engage with the local community before submitting the planning application. This can be as simple as talking to your neighbours, or may form a more comprehensive consultation strategy, for example engaging in pre-planning submission consultations with Local Authority Planners (refer below). This typically reduces the potential for planning proposal objections.
The application would be submitted online and developments throughout the decision process thoroughly monitored. This allows us to respond without delay to any objections or queries that may arise from locals or statutory consultees.

Pre-planning application consultation:

For certain proposals it is often a good idea for us to meet a planning officer on your behalf for an informal discussion before submission of an application. This can assist the Local Planning Authority in dealing with your application by the allocation of an officer who has previous knowledge of the proposal. This can speed up the decision process and simplify planning discussions.

Pre-application advice is sometimes encouraged, particularly for large of complex proposals, as it can:

  • ensure your proposals align with the list of local and national requirements each planning authority can require.
  • provide an opportunity to explain and give reason behind the proposals where there is divergence from local and national requirements.
  • to obtain in principle pre application agreements, which can influence a positive outcome and successful application.
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